InstallShield® is the world's leading Windows installation development solution. InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI) installati

New opportunities and fast-paced change continue to pervade the technology marketplace. To keep up, application producers need to adapt quickly, get to market faster, and deliver a seamless, contemporary customer experience. The global de facto standard on more than 500 million PCs, InstallShield is a strategic software installation development solution designed for traditional and agile development teams and their Windows and virtualized installation requirements. InstallShield includes automated tools to productize, install, and bundle software in application virtualization and traditional EXE and MSI formats.

Enterprises are also adapting to the new technology landscape. To support this transition, InstallShield provides application producers and enterprise developers with support for emerging technology and capabilities to easily deploy and manage their applications in enterprise cloud, virtual, and traditional environments.

Simplify virtual and cloud-based deployments

  • Use multi-tier installation templates to deploy web/server applications as a single cloud-ready package
  • Deploy to hybrid cloud databases with Windows Azure SQL Database support
  • Support enterprise application virtualization adoption by validating compatibility and creating Microsoft App-V packages

Most popular solution for Microsoft Windows and Visual Studio support

  • Comprehensive support for Microsoft Windows 7 & 8 – the fast, easy way to build Windows installers
  • Create installations directly within Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Support enterprise customers with ISO 19770-2 software inventory tags, PowerShell scripting, and Sideloading of Windows Store Apps

Deliver a seamless customer user experience

  • Create installers that match your company and product branding with InstallShield's Advanced UI editor
  • Support continuous release processes by streaming the latest updates and patches at install time, ensuring users always install the latest version
  • Localize installation text in 35 different languages

What's New in InstallShield 2013

  • Simplify Multi-Tiered Installations–Use multi-tier installation templates to deploy web/server applications as a single cloud-ready package
  • Automate Installing Windows Roles and Features–Avoid the risk of manual tasks by automatically installing Windows roles and features with an application's installation
  • Run PowerShell Scripts During Installation Setup–Streamline server configuration tasks by running PowerShell scripts; the enterprise scripting language of choice
  • Create Pure 64-Bit Installations–Deploy 64-bit applications using 64-bit installations that support Windows Server configurations where WoW64 has been disabled
  • Create Microsoft App-V Installations - Now Included with Premier!–Build both physical and virtual application packages from the same build process. Includes new support for App-V 5
  • Virtualization Suitability Testing–Ensure applications are compatible with enterprise application virtualization technologies, such as Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Citrix XenApp
  • Windows 8 Validation Testing–Validate installations against Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 best practices from Microsoft
  • Windows 8 Start Screen Icon Pinning–Define the application shortcuts that are pinned to the Windows 8 start screen, delivering a clean first impression for the end-user
  • Updated Advanced UI Designer–Create contemporary install experiences using new Wizard design capabilities

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